Got Wasps Or A Wasp Nest? - You've Come To The Right Place.

Here at WaspAway we're a big fan of simple.
It's a basic two part arrangement in which we ask our clients to get involved.
Here's how it works...
      Part One -We'll come and carry out a single guaranteed treatment
which kills the wasps nest. 
      Part Two -You part with thirty nine of your finest english pounds and we shake your hand.
No VAT, no hidden extras - not even for evening and weekend treatments!


First of all, we need to be sure we are dealing with Wasps as they can be mistaken
for Hornets or even Bees.
There are two main species of wasp in the UK, Common Wasp and German Wasp.
If you wish to know more, click on the other tabs for detailed information. 
Our treatment is the same for both species so give us a call if your intruders look like this -
Still unsure? Well, if you've found the nest the following images may confirm that Wasps are indeed the problem...

         Wasps Nest in Lawn                     Wasps Nest in Loft                              Wasps Nest in Tree


Bees are incredibly important to our environment and food cycle. They pollinate vast numbers of plants and are in massive decline although no one knows for sure why numbers have fallen so sharply in recent years.
For this reason it is vital we avoid unnecessary erradication. WaspAway can advise you on possible solutions so if you have visitors that look like those below - give us a call.
Hornets are not so common but can be just as much a nuisance. We are able to treat hornet nests.
 Honey Bee                           Solitary Bee                              Hornet                                 Bumble Bee



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