What Should I expect?

Our technician will usually dress in the appropriate protective clothing, similar to that pictured. This is essential as, whilst a small number of stings will get through, wearing no protection would result in many stings which can cause unsafe toxicity levels in the bloodstream.


We have found that injecting a dust formulation insecticide is the most effective method for treating nests. We use licensed products for professional use only therefore we would ask you stay a safe distance whilst treating to avoid inhalation.
Using a specialist lance, dust is pumped into the entry points of the nest. This will almost always aggravate the wasps so we recommend you stay inside or away from the nest while we treat it. 


Wasp nests can take up to 48 hours to die completely and as wasps are eradicated you should expect the need to 'Hoover up' casualties from the surrounding area.


Once a nest is clear it is perfectly safe from re-infestation. Wasps do not re-use nests and will always build a new nest for the following season. WaspAway are happy to remove old ot treated nests but this will require a separate visit therefore is chargeable at £39.


Wasps choose many different locations to build their nests and can often be in hard to reach places. Depending on the location of the nest, we may need to treat it externally through roof tiles or soffits.


Our fixed charges are based on a reach on 25 ft (nearly 8m) which covers most two storey houses. We very rarely have to levy a surcharge, but providing us with as much information as you can at point of calling will enable us to advise of the unlikely event of having to make extra charges for the use of ladders etc.


email us at info@waspaway.co.uk